The founding members include Retail Capital, Merchant Capital, Lulalend and Transaction Capital Business Solutions. They provide critical financial products to SMEs to support growth and expansion opportunities as well as emergency or seasonal cash flow requirements. To become a member please see the criteria below and apply here.

Membership Criteria

Each applicant will be required to meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Operate as a South African tax resident company and demonstrate at least 12 of months trading;
  2. Offer one or more SME Finance Products such as:
    – Merchant Cash Advance; and/or
    – Unsecured Loan;
    – Asset Finance
    – Invoice Discounting
  3. Supply a detailed motivation for joining the Association;
  4. Commit to undergo an audit to validate adherence to the SASFA Code of Conduct and Rules of the Association;
  5. Commit to an annual subscription fee upon joining SASFA;
  6. Commit to disclosing the business will prescribe to the Code of Conduct and Rules of the Association upon joining SASFA.